Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation. — Milan Kundera



With the reduction in physical bookstores, the best way to get your outstanding book noticed is on-line, using tried and true social media platforms.

Mission Point Press offers a tiered system of on-line marketing services. We can also customize our programs for a client's personal needs.

Mission Point Press keeps up with the latest technologies and strategies and is constantly innovating to bring you the best service possible.

START-UP package


The simplest and most economical way to market a new book is to create a Facebook author page.


We’ll build one for you with a custom banner, an About page, and a Books page.


Once a week, we’ll post something about your book and “boost” that post with Facebook's advertising. Readers and buyers also will be directed wherever your book is for sale, (Amazon and/or a local bookstore). You may also choose to blog on this site.


Your cost is $150 for set-up. Advertising (boosts) included for one month.





Websites act as a home base for your marketing efforts.


For career authors or authors with more than one book, a full-service custom website is the best choice.

In marketing I've seen only one strategy that can't miss—and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last. — John Romero

CUSTOM website


The CUSTOM website package includes:


  • custom design for you and your books including up to 6 pages (Home, Books, About, etc.)

  • a personalized calendar on your site showing signings, readings, appearances

  • social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Google+) share and follow buttons

  • buy-the-book buttons that lead directly to the point of sale

  • weekly administration reports from Adobe Business Catalyst on the number and origin of visitors

  • Adobe Business Catalyst hosting for one year




The Custom website includes access to the site so that

you can add, subtract or change text.

Marketing is a contest for people's attention. — Seth Godin

Print marketing


Print marketing is essential if you wish to sell your books to bookstores or request reviews from individuals and media.

A SELL SHEET is the entry ticket to both bookstores and reviewers. Just tuck one inside a copy of your book and send it off.

It's like a press release, but much better.

Our SELL SHEET PLUS package takes care of the distribution. We will target bookstores and complementary media and send your SELL SHEET and a link to the digital book.

sell sheets


Sell sheets, or tip sheets, are printed material that can be mailed (or emailed) to potential reviewers or booksellers. It's like a press release, but much better.


Sell sheets contain ordering information, the size of the book, an image of the cover and a quick synopsis. Optimally, the sell sheet also includes a couple of endorsements.


Mission Point sell sheets will be formatted according to our packaging design.


You can choose to distribute these yourself or we will do it for you using our Point Plus custom-targeted emails.  (See below.)

sell sheet plus


Leave the distribution of your SELL SHEET in our hands. We'll send a digital version of the Sell Sheet to your state's bookstores,  libraries and media. We'll follow that up with a crafted press release offering speaking opportunities to organizations television and radio. Endorsements will be provided.


sell sheet


For a truly effective social campaign, a brand needs to embrace the first principles of marketing, which involve brand definition and consistent storytelling. — Simon Mainwaring



Mission Point Press can help you publicize your book, getting it mentioned or reviewed in print and digital publications and on TV and radio. We can also help you promote your work by arranging interviews with media and setting up signings and other appearances at book stores and libraries. We can even help develop strategies for reaching special target audiences.


We’ll meet with you to discuss publicizing your book and get back to you with a proposal and cost estimate for your approval. Normal approximate costs are as follows, although some of these costs can be higher depending on the scope of your project:




1. Strategy development for marketing to regional or special-interest audiences.



2. Press release writing and distribution, including email pitch (cover letter), to existing media lists.



3. Media relations (press release
follow-up and interview coordination).



book tour 2016


  • 16 venues in 3 months


  • tv & radio interviews


  • review copies to media outlets


  • newspaper coverage

4. Book tour – contacting bookstores and libraries, arranging appearances.



5. Research and development of new custom or special-interest media-contact databases (no charge for using media contact lists we already have).



it's hard to sell a book that no one can find.



Mission Point Press now offers state-wide distribution services. Our primary purpose is to connect authors who have written books about Michigan with Michigan's bookstores and other retail outlets.


Contact Doug Weaver to learn more about this service.

amazon package


Reach the world with digital distribution through Amazon (see below).


Amazon is the world's biggest bookstore, and we recommend that you add your book to their inventory as a POD (Print-On-Demand) paper copy as well as an e-book Kindle edition.


As part of the Amazon package, we will upload your book in both print and digital forms and send you a copy.


We will also manage the title information, BISAC coding and keyword selection.


MPP will provide a link to your AMAZON e-store. (The e-store link gives the greatest royalties to authors.)


The AMAZON account will be in your name and royalties and royalty statements will come to you only.


$100 (text only)

$300 (up to 30 images)



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