ANNE STANTON is an award-winning journalist, editor, and ghostwriter, who has assisted with books ranging from two New York Times best-selling accounts of war to a highly lauded cancer memoir and vegan weight-loss guide.


Anne began her career with a Sacramento Bee story about elderly Cambodian refugees, who suffered deeply from culture shock and isolation. Her first foray into journalism garnered the Detroit Press Club’s highest collegiate award.


After receiving a Master of Arts degree in journalism in 1988 from the University of Michigan, Anne worked as an investigative reporter, writing stories of human drama and resilience. Her award-winning articles have covered a wide range of issues—from Catholic nuns accused of sexually abusing their young wards to a rural barber charged with murdering her troubled, teen-age son. She has also extensively written on health, business and education issues.


In the last decade, Anne has used her interviewing, research, and writing skills to expand into ghostwriting and editing. She can provide insights into book marketing, having co-authored the book, Publish to Win: Smart Strategies to Sell More Books, with indie publishing guru Jerrold Jenkins.


Anne’s emphasis at Mission Point Press is editing and writing. You can also reach her at

DOUG WEAVER is a journalist and book publisher who has produced more than 350 book titles in his career on topics ranging from regional history to entertainment, art, architecture, travel, crime, and the craft of quilting.


He holds a master’s degree in business administration from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, and a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Illinois.


Doug was the business editor at the Springfield (Illinois) Journal-Register, editor of Corporate Report Wisconsin, and business editor at The Kansas City Star. In 2000, The Kansas City Star named him Manager of Strategic Business Development to develop niche revenue opportunities for the newspaper, including book publishing and retailing.


In 2004, he was named publisher of Kansas City Star Books, the newspaper’s book-publishing division that resulted. Star Books operated three imprints under Doug’s direction – Kansas City Star Books, Kansas City Star Quilts and Rockhill Books – until January 2015, when The Star made the strategic decision to sell the book-publishing operation. Kansas City Star Quilts had grown into the third-largest quilt-book publisher in the United States.


Weaver was named a Davenport Fellow by the University of Missouri in 1984.  He also has won a variety of journalism awards from the Missouri Press Association, the Associated Press, UPI and Copley Newspapers.


Doug’s emphasis at Mission Point Press is managing the business and strategic side of the company, including advising clients on the most efficient way to manage the costs of a book project. He also owns Chandler Lake Books. You can also reach him at

HEATHER SHAW has been freelancing since 2009, editing and designing over 50 books in five years.


Previously she was Managing Editor of Spirituality & Health magazine, which won the FOLIO Bronze Award for Editorial Excellence and the Utne Independent Press Award in Health/Wellness for outstanding journalism in 2009.


She was also Editor in Chief and Creative Director for ForeWord magazine and Editor in Chief of Spirituality & Health Books.


In 2008 Heather attended the Stanford Publishing Course for Professionals.


Heather's emphasis at Mission Point Press is design and production.

 Now, you've all heard this from me before, but I honestly don't think I can say it enough:  I feel like I have a big publishing house behind me in my effort to get a credible product to the market place.  The experience with this book has been every bit as good as it was with Winter's Bloom.  John Pahl and Tanya were terrific to work with and they really helped to polish the manuscript to where it is today.  Heather, I was really worried about the cover...this book is so wide ranging in both characters and settings that I just didn't know how you were going to capture all of that in a cover...but you did it.  Doug, you are like having a business manager at my finger tips.  Anne, you are making this northwest corner of the lower peninsula a regional hub for writers with your work at MPP and NWS.  So there I've said it again, but you can bet that this gets repeated often, to almost every group that I speak to.  I couldn't, make that I wouldn't want to do this by myself.  Many, many thanks to all of you.  You are a great team.

John Wemlinger, author of Winter's Bloom and Operation Lightswitch


Mission Point Press is "a rapid-response literary wizard".

Jacob Wheeler, editor at the Glen Arbor Sun


"This has been a great experience. The finally product is terrific."

Trevor Tkach, Executive Director at National Cherry Festival


"Thanks guys! Couldn't have happened without your help. I have seen people absolutely flummoxed, by the way, when they learn this was an indie book. They marvel at the quality. You have a good thing going!"

Garrett Griffin, author of Racism in Kansas City, now a high school text book


"Doug, Anne, and Heather worked together to produce an absolutely beautiful book that receives “wows” from everyone who sees it.  Their work is absolutely first-rate.  Anne has an extraordinary eye for detail, and Heather’s skills in layout and design result in a visually engaging final product."

William A. Everett, Ph.D.

Curators' Professor of Musicology, Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Missouri-Kansas City


In July, 2016, Mission Point Press assigned Scott Couturier the “copy edit” for my historical fiction of 150,000 words (Brotherhood of the Mamulks).

Generally, Scott proved himself a bright man, a very competent editor and a pleasure to work with.  I definitely recommend Scott for both “line” and “copy edit” projects.

Perhaps my dominant impression of Scott on the job (even if seemingly too simple a description) —Scott cares; he truly desires to make the work on his desk better.  And on my novel, Scott did just this.

As my manuscript had already been line edited, Scott was primarily on the lookout for grammar/spelling errors and to “smooth” any obvious sentences that did not flow.  Not only did he accomplish this mission on a project thick with historical exposition and use of Turkish/Arab terms and words, he also managed to go “above and beyond” his copy edit mission—politely pointing out several plot holes and confusing moments of style.  Without going into great detail, Scott was especially helpful with my story’s ending, encouraging me to properly support key events in the story with improved “backstory.”  I followed Scott’s advice and the result was a better tale.

Brad Graft


I have had invaluable editorial feedback from Anne Stanton during the process of writing and revising two books. Anne is an accomplished professional writer and editor, having honed her skills over several decades as a successful journalist.

Anne has a keen sense of story. She knows where cuts are necessary and where elaboration is required. She adroitly employs the literary and editorial skills necessary to produce a polished, readable manuscript.

Aaron Stander

award-winning author of the

Ray Elkins Thriller Series


“I knew I wanted to write a book. I had a lot of great ideas and a good start on some topics, but I couldn't imagine how to pull it all together. Anne helped make my work more readable, and rounded out my rough spots, in record time, with good humor. She inspired whole chapters and special touches that I hadn't even considered. I've sold books all over our great country, and there's not a week that goes by that I don't hear about someone who was inspired to change their life after reading my work. Anne is genius.”

Dr. Mary Clifton

author of Waist Away: How to Joyfully Lose Weight and Supercharge Your Life; Get Waisted: 100 Addictively Delicious Plant-Based Entrees; and Get Graduated: Helpful Advice for the Next Part of Your Life


Working with Scott Courtier
was a pleasure, and tremendously improved the quality of my writing.

Scott edited my first published Novel, The Horsemen: Embers of the Old World, and through his detailed and insightful work, improved the quality of the manuscript immeasurably. He was able to identify plot holes and inconsistencies that I had missed even after reading and re-reading the text what seemed like dozens of times. Where his help truly shined, and for which I am truly grateful, were his numerous unique insights into the overall shape of the narrative, and how with only small changes I could make a half-formed story whole.

From his own writing, I know that Scott is more than capable of telling a great story. From his help with my own work, I know that he is equally adept at recognizing the strengths and weakness of others’ stories,
and how to improve and elevate those stories in both form
and content. His help was
truly invaluable.

Eric Wood


“Anne Stanton is a gifted writer and top-notch editor. She guided us with a strong, steady hand through the first draft or our successful memoir. It was a joy to work with her, and we are honored to give her our highest recommendation.”

Greg Holmes, Ph.D. and

Katherine Roth, M.D.

Co-authors of The Good Fight: A Story of Cancer, Love, and Triumph, a memoir that has garnered dozens of five-star ratings on Amazon


“I would recommend Anne Stanton for anyone looking for fine editing services. She is particularly helpful, almost a "mind reader," when it comes to understanding exactly what the writer is trying to get across to his readers. If you want the very best, Anne will surely meet your needs.”

Peter Butterfield

author of Flat Tax on Wealth: And How it Can Save Our Country


Hello, I recently ordered both volumes of the edition of Diogenes's Lives that you designed, and I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with them! It costs upwards of $50 to get the books from an old-school "official" publisher and the cheaper stuff online is auto-generated books with no editorial or creative oversight to speak of, but your designs made a cheaper alternative very attractive (financially and aesthetically). The attention to detail and the love and care that went into crafting the design is clear, and you really just don't see that kind of quality in custom-designed versions of free domain books available online. So, again, thanks! And keep up the great work!

Yours, Ian


There have been many wonderful stories Anne has contributed through the years, and Express readers reminded us of her legacy by voting on their favorites in this issue. In the past year alone, she wrote a gripping account of abused wife Joni Holbrook shooting her police officer husband and the subsequent trial that led to her imprisonment. Then there was the strange saga of Anne Avery Miller of Elk Rapids who took her own life after being accused of murdering her son. Most recently, she wrote about controversial criminal cases and why some people charged with crimes seem to get a free pass while others get the book thrown at them. She’s also done outstanding reporting this year on conflicts over Michigan’s new medical marijuana law, wind farms in Benzie County, and the biomass controversy... just to name a few. I’m sure you have your own favorites.

Anne exemplifies the best of the brave and the bold in journalism, writing with a sense of ‘heart' and reminding us that justice is often a rare and elusive treasure. We’ve stood by long-form, investigative journalism here at the Express at a time when other newspapers have abandoned the format (to their peril, as it turns out). Sometimes, I complained to Anne that her stories were too long and we needed to save room for bigger photos. But I could never say that they weren’t complete -- and courageous.

Bob Downes

editor of Northern Express

published March 28, 2011


Nina and I are life-long friends co-writing a memoir of our childhood experiences during WWII bringing together a young girl's relationship with her mother and father as he goes off to war in Europe and a young boy of Japanese parents who spends those years behind barbed wire in a desolate corner of Colorado.

Nina and I are life-long friends co-writing a memoir of our childhood experiences during WWII. Anne took our complex story of an unlikely friendship, focusing on an America at war, at race and identity following Pearl Harbor. What started out as a beautiful idea has turned into a beautiful story thanks to Anne.

Gordon Nagai and Nina Wolpe (co-authors of Two Faces, a novel in-progress)


Anne’s approach to editing my work has been instrumental in leading me to develop better confidence and a deeper connection to the writer within.  In my view, a good editor does more than polish a writer’s words; rather, she inspires in the writer the ability to see beneath the surface of things, to say more than they knew they had to say.  When in another life I wrote a weekly newspaper column and occasional magazine pieces, my editors left me feeling like a man writing behind curtains, walking gingerly on eggshells.  Since beginning to work with Anne in reestablishing my life as a writer, I now feel more like I’m writing towards a clearing in the distance; self-revelation is what I’d call it.

Anne always approaches writing with enthusiasm and an innate understanding of what it is I am trying to say in my work.  She’s always willing to provide additional information and to clarify certain points as needed

I enthusiastically recommend Anne Stanton as an editor and a writer.  She takes great pride in her profession, conducts herself professionally and is easy to work with.  I am certain that she will guide any writer well and would add immense value to whatever she touches.

Isiah Smith, author of Midnight on the Road to Redemption (seeking a publisher)


"I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Doug Weaver on four books since 2010.  His calm demeanor and professionalism has made it a truly rewarding experience. The books have been successful beyond my expectations.  In the end, I will treasure the memories and take pride in a friendship we will share for a lifetime."

Bruce Mathews

Author, Photographer

Mathews Communications


"In 2012 I decided to write an art-related book and was fortunate to meet Doug Weaver.  Knowing little about the publication process, I felt very comfortable with Doug's professionalism and ability to take the book from an idea to a quality-finished product.  He provided experienced editors, stellar book designers and printers who beautifully reproduced color paintings.   A second publication in 2014 was treated with equal expertise.  Needless to say, my future books will have Doug Weaver's publication house at the helm."

Roland Sabates

Author and curator

Oak Street Mansion Art Collection


"Doug was a master at juggling the many personalities involved in publishing a coffee-table history book of the University of Missouri in honor of its 175th anniversary. He deftly balanced the needs of editors and writers while keeping a plethora of university stakeholders happy, involved and informed throughout the nine-month process. We weren’t sure we would be able to produce a quality book that adequately covered MU’s long and rich history in such a brief time period. However, Doug was our secret weapon, handling all aspects with grace, creativity and professionalism."

Laura Roloff

Integrated Marketing Strategist

University of Missouri


Having self-published a book about organized crime in Kansas City, Missouri, I was not prepared to go through that process again, although I had sufficient material for a follow-up book.

Doug Weaver was familiar with my book, and recognizing the potential for a sequel contacted me re taking on the publishing of it.

I can summarize the process by saying Doug made it as simple and efficient for me as I could have hoped for.  The editing, art work, and entire production process was handled professionally and the end product was

a book that has had excellent sales.

Doug Weaver is a person who is easy to work with, always accessible, responsive to your needs, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the business of publishing books.

William Ouseley

Former FBI agent and author

Mobsters in Our Midst


Doug Weaver was wonderful to work with on our recently published book on Kansas City’s Historic Union Cemetery.  He was not only a true professional, but a very kind and helpful person. His level of detail in explaining the process, help with providing a production team to work with and customer service in general was the best.

I can’t imagine a better experience than the one Doug Weaver provided.  I hope to work with him again, soon.

Judith King

Union Cemetery Historical Society


I found working with Doug Weaver on my book, Entrepreneurs + Mentors = Success, highly productive as well as enjoyable.  Doug’s vast experience in the publishing world contributed to a smooth and effortless process with an outcome that exceeded my expectations.

Barnett Helzberg


Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program


Doug Weaver served as publisher for Last Bite: 100 Simple Recipes from Kansas City's Best Chefs and Cooks, originally published by KC Star Books. After I pitched the initial concept to Doug, he provided clear guidance through the entire publishing process for my first book. He and I discussed the audience scope, potential book format and financial viability of this project.

Doug offered detailed, straightforward figures about the run quantity, break-even point, costs and royalties. This information helped me understand the economics behind this book. Further, his guidance and consultation reassured me that I was partnering with an experienced publishing professional, where our mutual interests and likelihood of profitability were equally important.

His flexible approach enabled us to quickly assemble a tight-knit team of an editor, designer and photographer. We produced and published the book on a tight schedule and on deadline. Doug's stewardship made the pre- and post-publishing process smooth and stress-free. I look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Pete Dulin, author

Last Bite: 100 Simple Recipes from Kansas City's Best Chefs and Cooks

KC Ale Trail


I can recommend Doug Weaver for any and all phases of the publishing business, without hesitation or reservation. He has guided me through the production of three books and, even though I was a neophyte, he had the patience to help me navigate the rather complex and sometimes convoluted process of getting a book from a mere concept to a solid, physical volume. If you are fortunate enough to work with Doug on any publishing venture, I predict you will be as enthusiastic about your association with him as I was.

Roy Inman

Photographer, Author


I had the pleasure of working with Doug on my book/cd project and I was so very impressed. Although he had multiple authors and projects going at the same time, I never felt that my project wasn't his top priority. Doug's experience, steady hand and sensitivity to my project was crucial to its success. Doug always listened to my ideas, yet never failed to give his opinion even when I sometimes resisted. In the end he was right and my project was better for it.

Von Kopfman, author

Letters for Healing: The Therapeutic Value of Writing to a Lost Loved One


I had self-published two books with difficulty before I found Doug Weaver. He was very forthright in stating what he could and couldn’t do; his team performed editing duties carefully and without delay; the registration, printing and distribution system he arranged have been flawless; and, he has kept his word.

Jared J. Grantham MD, FACP

University Distinguished Professor

University of Kansas Medical Center

Author, Why I Think About Urine


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Doug Weaver on the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s 125th anniversary book, Business and the Making of Kansas City. He worked closely with us to refine the concept, and assembled a dream team of professionals to assist with every step from writing through printing. Most of all we appreciated his flexibility, as we set up a unique project funding model, working with Chamber member sponsors to help cover our costs and contribute their stories. The first end result:  an amazing book we are so proud of, detailing the comprehensive history of the growth of our region, as it is tied to the growth of our organization and the KC business community as a whole. The second end result:  profit!  Thanks to Doug.

Melanie Mattes

Marketing Director

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce


Doug Weaver is the kind of publisher purposeful writers hope finally to find.  He reads your work with the mind of an audience, an eye to the market, and an ear for your own unique voice.  With that expertise he gently coaxed my work out of its manuscript, fitted it with an excellent editor and dressed it out with a creative design artist until the work could finally become the quality book I had always hoped it might be.

James J. Heiman, author

Voices in Bronze and Stone:  Kansas City’s World War I Monuments and Memorials


As a first-time author, I ventured into Doug's office with great trepidation and worry of what he would think of my book idea. I was quickly put at ease and he immediately showed interest in my book on the butterflies of the Kansas City region.  I also was concerned about my complicated layout, but he was supportive and provided me excellent guidance on finalizing my book. It was a great experience and a super nice book was produced.

Betsy Betros

Author, A Photographic Field Guide to Butterflies of the Kansas City Region


Having never written a book, Doug's advice proved to be sage at every turn of the page.  One day, we were simply finished--no stress, no stroke, no extra time on the analyst's couch--the entire process painless compared to the possible scenarios I'd imagined!

Michael Murphy

Chief Content Officer, KCPT-TV

Co-author, Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations; Coast-to-Coast Travel-o-Pedia


It is a privilege to share the experience my late husband and I had in working with Doug Weaver. He was the publisher for our book that was released in January, 2015.  From our first contact with Doug, we were confident that he would steer us through the development, production, printing, and distribution steps. His wisdom/guidance was always positive and constructive in making decisions during the process.  Our book is over 300 pages in length and very handsome. It is of the highest quality - as is Doug Weaver.  He is both a consummate professional and a gentleman.

Patricia G. Burton, MS, CRAADC

Co-editor with Jerald A. Burton, MD, Ph.D

A Proven Experiment: Looking Back at the UMKC School of Medicine


Thank you so much for an outstanding job. Every time I reread the Proof Copy, it is just so well organized and so well written, I pinch myself. It is so nice to be dealing with a professional in the editing and publishing business.

Del Schroeder

Author, Look Out America


I appreciate you being so patient with me! Thank you again for all your hard work in putting my book together. There was no way I could have done it without you!

Raeann Dunlop

Author, Why Not Put Your Life Together: It Belongs to You



Thanks for the quick, valuable work.

Niel Klein

Author, The 97% Factor


I would likeᅠ to thank youᅠfor your excellent work, especially follows:

1) all constructive suggestions: the icon or colored box for be aware is one of them;

2) adding your ideas whenever you think are necessary such as drawing a floor plan for the current house and others.

3) substituting improper words, I like "the executive assistant"!

4) of course, thoseᅠgood questions helped me to clear many confusions.

ᅠAgain thank you for your help.


Author, 7 Essential Tips for Home-building and Remodeling


To be sure, Heather is the closest professional to an actual "book doctor" here in Northern Michigan. Heather is competent in all matters relating to manuscript development and the publishing process.

Mark Dressler,  BookExpo America Director of Education


The book arrived today. It has been so big in my life and yet seems so thin and light in reality. It has a beautiful presence.

Lorraine Almeida

Author and artist


Heather Shaw, editor extraordinaire, did it again. Her critique, even when I grumbled while reading it, made the writing better, clearer and more interesting.

Peter Marabell

Author of the Michael Russo Mystery Series


I am indebted to Heather for her extraordinary skills in every aspect of bringing a manuscript to print and her constant friendship and support over many years.

Aaron Stander

Author of the Ray Elkins Thriller Series


You are so awesome!  I cannot wait to do more with you!!

Michelle's Miracle

Author of In the Kitchen with Michelle


Heather has been the design lead on all four Fustini’s cookbooks and publisher/ project coordinator of How Fustinis Do Fustini’s, Entertaining with Fustini’s and Taste of Summer.

Jim Milligan

Owner Fustini's Oils & Vinegars



 meet the professionals who work with mission point press


marketing ADVISOR


Jodee Taylor has worked as a journalist, marketing writer and African lodge manager. During two stints at the Traverse City Record-Eagle she worked every job in the newsroom, from news clerk to features editor. She was integral in starting the paper’s social media presence. While working in marketing at a software company, she excelled in translating geek-speak to English and helped build the company’s first website, reluctantly learning HTML along the way. For several months, she and her husband managed a lodge at the foot of Mount Mulanje in southern Malawi. In truth, they managed a construction site until the owner’s funds ran dry before they were able to host the first guest. She has a bachelor’s in communications from the University of Michigan, a few graduate credits from the U-M School of Information and innumerable “certificates of completion” from EdX and other online courses.


John Pahl

coaching, line editing


After more than four decades teaching writing at Northwestern Michigan College, John Pahl is now retired, staying active by helping to raise a teen-aged daughter and participating in a local creative writing group.  He has worked on and off as a freelance editor and copywriter on projects from novels in progress to promotional materials for regional non-profits.  His publications over the years include poems in Vallum Magazine (Montreal), Dunes Review, Parallel 45, Pine Cone Review,  and stories and articles in The Funnel (Fulbright journal), Nisod’s Innovation Abstracts and for The Commission on Higher Education.  He enjoys fishing for trout and sailing on Grand Traverse Bay.





Teresa J. Scollon


Coaching, line Editing, Ghostwriting

Book Proposals, Jacket Copy


Teresa Scollon is a nationally recognized poet, essayist, editor, and educator based in Traverse City, Michigan.


Recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, she is the author of To Embroider the Ground with Prayer from Wayne State University Press, and a Michigan Writers Cooperative Press chapbook. Alumna and former writer-in-residence at Interlochen Arts Academy, she holds an MFA from the University of Southern Maine and an MBA from the University of Michigan. She teaches writing at Northwestern Michigan College and in private workshops.


Her publishing experience includes working as book review editor for ForeWord Reviews and freelance writing and editing. As an editor and educator, she focuses on finding the essential message of a piece of written work, and working with structure, language, and texture to make that message shine.


Please visit for more information on Teresa’s work.




Copy editor


Ruth Perlberg Campbell was a copy editor for the Detroit Free Press for 14 years, editing entertainment, food and lifestyle features as well as the annual Free Press Summer Dreams and Celebrate Michigan sections.  Before that, she worked for 10 years at the Detroit News, editing breaking news and business copy; USA Today, and the Port Huron Times Herald, where she was a reporter and editor. In addition to her collaboration with Mission Point Press, Campbell — now retired and living in Traverse City — edits Kappan, the national education policy magazine of Phi Delta Kappa; and does editing work for the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health and the National Writers Series.





copy writer


A past-contributing editor for Sports Afield and Traverse: Northern Michigan’s Magazine, Bob Butz is an award-winning essayist and book writer from Lake Ann, Michigan.  He is also a magazine writer whose byline has appeared in the New York Times, Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Life, and numerous others. Butz is the author of four books of nonfiction, including An Uncrowded Place and Going Out Green: One Man’s Adventure Planning His Own Green Burial.






bob Campbell

copy writer, editing


Bob Campbell is the author of Storm Struck: When Supercharged Winds Slammed Northwest Michigan, published by Mission Point Press.


Campbell worked for the Detroit Free Press for nearly 30 years as an editor and reporter before moving to the Traverse City area to spend more time doing what his license plate – IF1SH – suggests.


Before becoming an editor in 1989, Campbell was the environmental writer for the Free Press, Michigan’s largest newspaper. As a reporter he won national and state awards for feature writing and investigative reporting and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for a series examining the implications of climate change for the Great Lakes.


As an editor he was in charge of political coverage in Lansing and Washington. Campbell also wrote columns and stories about politics and the outdoors for the Free Press and other publications. After graduating with a journalism degree from Michigan State University, he was a political writer for 7 years at the Macomb Daily.


Since retiring, he has worked as a freelance writer, editor and consultant.



scott couturier

copy-editing, line editing


Scott Couturier is a freelance editor and writer of fantasy, weird-and-science fiction, currently living in Traverse City. He is a graduate of Knox College, and has recently published two novels (The Mask of Tamrel and In The House of Madame Heretia), both part of a projected five-part series called The Magistricide. While in college he was a founding editor of Knox Quiver, an online genre publication; his current work focuses on blurring, distorting, and otherwise transmuting the conceptual walls dividing the fantastic and the literary.





Jennifer Carroll

Coaching, editing, ghost writing


Jennifer Carroll has a lifelong passion for helping others write, find personal connections, tell stories.


She worked at three Michigan newspapers in reporting, writing, coaching and top editing/management roles, including as managing editor of the Lansing State Journal and then at The Detroit News. She joined the Burlington (VT) Free Press as executive editor.

She also served as a digital content vice president for Gannett in Washington, D.C.


She collaborated with writers, videographers, web designers and editors across Gannett, leading extensive training on digital storytelling tools including video and mobile design. She won several awards for her work on innovation in digital publishing, and for launching a series of print entertainment publications and related niche products.


She enjoys editing, writing coaching, ghost writing and helping others synthesize thoughts into words. She has edited several books for authors with Mission Point Press.


She retired from Gannett and returned to Michigan in 2015. She also is a glass artist with displays in Charlevoix area art galleries. She can be reached at





barb mosher

copy-editing, proofing


Barb Mosher has a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University where she also worked for the school's media relations department.  She has served as press secretary for a U.S. congressional campaign and communications director for Michigan Special Olympics.  She has been a contributing writer for weekly and daily newspapers and is a freelance proofreader for the National Writers Series.  She researches, writes, and edits lectures for a regional Bible study program.  Barb's keen eye for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency errors may annoy family and friends but is much appreciated by writing professionals.






Tom carr

writing, copy-editing


Tom Carr is author of Blood on the Mitten: Infamous Michigan Murders, 1700s-Present from Chandler Lake Press. Tom is an independent writer and journalist in Northern Michigan who spent 25 years in daily newspapers, primarily the Traverse City Record-Eagle.


As a freelancer, he's branched out into other media and has reported and produced many stories for Interlochen Public Radio and has had his work broadcast on NPR and Michigan Radio, as well. His work has appeared in the Detroit Free Press, the New York Daily News,, Traverse Magazine and others.


He's won journalistic awards in investigative reporting, feature writing, breaking news and for writing a humor column.




aimé merizon

Developmental editing, copy-editing, line editing, proofing



Aimé Merizon began her publishing career in the literary permissions department at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1991. She continued honing her professional skills in the editorial, design and production departments for various companies and publications. Currently a freelance editor, Aimé also practices tai chi, plays in expressive arts, and enjoys spending time in nature with her two dogs, Ollie and Lucy.





copy-editing, line editing, proofing


Tanya Muzumdar teaches English and poetry at North Central Michigan College. She is also a freelance book editor and the senior editor of Dunes Review. Her poems appear in Cimarron Review, Nashville Review, Prairie Schooner, Salamander, Superstition Review, THRUSH Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. She has been a writer-in-residence at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.








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